How it works Cialis

Cialis works in a very simple way. It doesn’t change anything in the natural way of a male reproductive system functioning. It just brings along corrections in it. When a man faces the problem of erectile dysfunction the roots of this problem go to a couple of chemicals in his body. These chemicals named cyclic GMP and phosphodiesterase are inextricably connected with erection as the first causes it and the second reduces it when ejaculation has already taken place. They work in pair – the second one blocks the first when it’s not needed any more. But sometimes things can go wrong in this well-oiled machine called the body. Then phosphodiesterase blocks cyclic GMP before erection is achieved and this leads to erectile dysfunction. What does Cialis do to fix this situation? Being taken it activates its main element – tadalafil which aims at blocking phosphodiesterase not allowing it to narrow blood vessels in penis so that blood can flow freely causing increase in the level of blood pressure. As a result the patient gets erection.
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